Developing Communities with the Community  


 a. International Partners/Affiliates

i.  Litworld  
ii. Association for Women's Rights in Development
iii. African Library Project
iv. Clean up the World
v. Network of African Youths for Development

b. Local  Partners

i. Lapsley Foundation Ghana

c. Fund Drive Organizers

Our volunteer funds drive organizers find sponsors and raise $1000 each in a year for our projects. 

They rally their local communities to donate; sort  sponsors both individuals and organisations ; hold a funding drive party to get the funds ready for donations; and send the amount raised to our bank accounts.

Along the way, they are educating everyone about the need for sustainable development, women and youth empowerment and education in Africa and encouraging them to also support in building development centers for projects in  the communities.

Our funds  Drivers organizer are making impact!

 d. Our Supporters in the community

We are grateful to our community supporters who generously contribute to our work through donations of services, funding or in-kind gifts:
  • 3-Euro Group,Kenyasi,Ghana
  • OLA Senior High School,Kenyasi,Ghana