Developing Communities with the Community  

 " No shift in the way we think or act can be more critical than this: We must put people at the  centre of everything we do." Kofi Annan,Millennium  Report



                                                            Who we are 

Asutifi Graduates and Students' Union Secretariat (AGSUSEC) is a local development community Based-Organisation  involving community groups working to provide opportunities for youth survival in today's economy; facilitating networking with Institutions, companies, NGO's etc, involved in education, youth development and economic empowerment; supporting educational and youth development Initiatives and programs; and playing advocacy role in promoting discipline, human rights etc. to end poverty and injustice together. 

We work with individual community foundations and other local grant makers and their networks around the world, with a particular focus on the Brong Ahafo and the emerging economies of Asutifi and Ahafo as a whole.

Through volunteerism, technical support and networking, we help these local Associations to strengthen and grow so that they can fulfill their potential as vehicles for local development and as part of the infrastructure for sustainable development, poverty alleviation and citizen participation.



                                   Our Vision

AGSUSEC envision a  world where children, youth, girls and women are secure, respected and proud and have the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to the well-being of their family,community,country and world

                                                         Our mission

The Asutifi Graduates and Studentsí Union Secretariat(AGSUSEC) develops communities with the community.Our grassroot approach mobilizes and engages graduates, youth, children and young women including volunteers to create and enhance opportunities for sustainable development in their communities through networking and application of participatory developmental tools.

AGSUSEC provides high-quality and efficient services to the youth and stakeholders in communities in to the realization of the Millennium Developmental Goals(MDGs).

                                            Our Goals

In fulfillment of our mission, and as a Non-profit organisation, we commit ourselves to a process we refer to as TAP:Transformation,Action and Participation.To this effect, we work to;

  • Promote self-sufficiency and economic stability
  • Create and sustain educational and economic development opportunities
  • Empower communities through capacity-building and leadership development
  • Develop vibrant and healthy communities
  • Foster cross-cultural collaboration through participatory development